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As mentioned on this site's home page (, this major e-course is for men – and for the women who care for them. 

The major topic is MEN'S HEALTH - General Health, Wellness: - If you’re anything like me, you value it and want to hold on to it.

"OK, so who am I? My name is Max Mann, and I'm your inhouse Editor for "The Sexual Man". I hope you'll join me over the next 45 weeks or so as we look at and discuss all the main challenges and threats – and indeed fantastic opportunities - facing us as men. I'm here to help - and I have good reason to think that I can. Read on!"

Good health is priceless. With good health and without money, you can have a pretty good life. Have it the other way round, and believe me, life just ain’t worth living!

Great sex is also priceless – and you’ll find plenty of tips on this topic throughout the course.

It’s not so easy being a man (OK, it’s not so easy being a woman either – not that I’ve actually been one myself, but I’ve known a fair number of women so I’m not shooting my mouth off here, I do know something about how difficult it is to be a human of either sex!).

But we’re focussed on men, mainly because I am one and I’ve been there, in my time, with enough of the problems you have faced or may yet face, to want to help others – and that may be you.

The statistics, for example, for poor prostate health are utterly scary, especially as we are living longer, which gives the statistics time to get worse! I for one have no wish to be a statistic, even if I’m at an age where I might well become one!

Causes of male health problems and possible means of prevention are very, very numerous – but are any of them true? Are we getting the facts? Do they work? Does anyone have the faintest idea what they’re talking about out there?

On the other hand, having great sex can be equally problematic. There are just so many reasons why things can go wrong!

So this is an invitation to come along for the ride – on my voyage of discovery.

Sign up for our series of weekly e-letters, and which will build up to a comprehensive reference library on the subject of Men's Health throughout your life. 

The whole course, which is completely free, will last around 45 weeks.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE – this is intended to be helpful stuff, written by a wide range of experts, to make life easier and healthier and more fun for men everywhere.

I am NOT, repeat NOT, selling you Viagra, nor am I representing a Canadian Pharmacy nor a casino, nor indeed am I the widow of a Nigerian millionnaire! I’m a normal guy putting something back into the system.

You are invited to feed back your own knowledge and experience as well. I have, in addition, already brought the course together as a two-volume ebook, in order to give you a chance to get hold of all the info up front at once - or alternatively to enable you to have a complete record of the course at the end for your future healthy life. This is intended to help all of you in the longer term, who are also trying to avoid becoming a dreaded statistic while having a fantastic sex life at the same time. More on these ebooks later on.


This introductory page,

AND an absolutely knock-out free Report, How Would You Like to Make Her Sexually Addicted to You” on offer below when you sign up,

AND a uniquely special offer open to you only when you read the Report –

AND the full free course, “The Sexual Man” which represents a huge mass of very informed views and videos from a phenomenal range of world-wide experts

these are what this is all about

So to join the course and get your free report here and now just fill in the form below and it will be with you very quickly.

Our Privacy Policy is at the bottom of the page. Rest assured I and my publishers at Keep Your Health Information hate spam as much as anyone and will not in any way pass your email address on to anyone else at all, ever - full stop.



OK, my starting point is - I have been particularly appalled by the statistics on prostate problems. 1 out of 2 etc – it has always seemed to me that it will be a sheer miracle if I escape without getting a hit.

As W.C. Fields once famously said "It's a funny old world - a man's lucky if he can get out of it alive"!

Well, I’m at an age where I could well become a statistic, and I want to do (and am doing) everything I can to avoid becoming one – successfully to date!

I may be aging but I’m a red-blooded male who wants to stay red-blooded as long as possible!

Secondly I have long had a hunch that once you give up on the pleasures of sex, you are likely to go down hill very rapidly. And I don’t want to test this theory out!

So another way of looking at this - a major concept that drives this course – prevention is better than cure! And the earlier you start your program of prevention the better!

Another thought that motivates this course: age is making sex harder (by which I really mean softer!). I do subscribe to the theory that the secret to staying young is lots of sex, and I’d like to keep it up if I can (pardon the occasional pun please, I can’t really help it, they just happen, nothing I can do about it!).

“Lots of sex” is of course not the same as “too much sex” which I suspect may age one prematurely (I don’t know, I’ve never got anywhere near that goal!) – so, as with so much of life, a balanced approach is everything.

But the fact remains, and is now I think a commonplace accepted by most, that keeping sex going promotes health and happiness. And by sex I do of course ideally mean, sex with a partner and in a loving, or at least affectionate, arrangement. Both should feel good afterwards.

Another thing - I’ve been around long enough to have experienced a fair few sexual challenges at first hand – and to be well aware of the rest. The bottom line is I would like to help you avoid (or solve) them if I can. And my publishers at Keep Your Health Information agree with me.

Life is just so much better with health – and with a healthy sex life.

Another reason why I’ve agreed to edit this course – apart from being a nice, helpful guy of course! – is that it’s a logical extension of a lifelong career as a theatre, film, TV and corporate/ educational AV producer/ director/ writer – a career based in both drama – “life with the boring bits left out” – and information communication. All of this I would strongly argue has a firm basis in stimulating emotional and mental health.

An important chunk of this career was as a professional Health Education Officer (UK) providing training in major health preservation issues for front-line professionals in the field. More about this later.



I’ve put a huge amount of time into tracking down experts who can answer my most searching questions on the wide range of potential health issues that particularly afflict us men. A lot of these are, by very definition, gender-related – in other words sexual or reproductive issues.

I’m specifically NOT looking at health issues that apply equally to men and women – eg heart disease, lung cancer, dropsy or athlete’s foot – unless they are issues that particularly undermine our gender-related functions as men (such as sexually-transmitted diseases for example).

In addition, I consider encouraging good health as important as avoiding bad health.

Let me give you one tip for health, free, gratis and for nothing right away:


Cheap pills are a giveaway danger signal: why are they cheap? Exactly!

It’s a huge scam, worth millions to unscrupulous bastards, and COULD KILL YOU.

All sorts of cheap rubbish (eg sugar, rat poison, talc) is put into many of these products. I get spammed dozens of times every week by these criminals. Life is too short already – don’t make it worse.

If you must buy drugs online, look for the (UK) Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Seal of Approval. Read this short report for more

There will be a similar level of protection in the US and hopefully in other countries, so PLEASE USE IT, and be careful.



The issues we will be discussing will be near-as-dammit comprehensive.

They will vary from the all-important avoidance (as well as a look at natural cures) of prostate problems, through common (and not so common) sexual practices and the health challenges these might present, to some of the absolute basics of sexual and general health – such as exercise and nutrition, which are quite simply the cornerstones of healthy living.

Individual topics vary widely (and wildly) from the benefits of tomatoes to prostate massage, from multiple male orgasms to Saw Palmetto, from things I bet you never knew about condoms to the connection between breathing and cancers, from libido issues to fertility – and that’s just for starters!

Throw in all varieties of orgasm and ejaculation, find hot tips (and cautions) on practices such as oral and anal sex, and there is even stuff to find out about masturbation!

Everything relevant to you at some stage in your life is covered – and if it isn’t and you tell me about It, then it will be!

I will be looking at all the possible sexual diseases out there – and including all-important expert input on such issues as mental and emotional health, and even coping with the extreme traumas of abuse.

I will also be looking at some upbeat and fun issues too! (Great sex IS FUN!)

You, my target audience, are adult males – and in addition any females who have a care for a male (or more) in this age range.

In each of the 45 approx weekly newsletters that comprise this course, you will find a mix of the following:

-          my introduction and editorial comment as a one-time professional HEO and still actively red-blooded male

-          articles from a huge range of experts painstakingly sourced from right across the world

-          an introduction to complementary websites providing additional information I deem worthy of your notice, whether as ebooks or internet pages

-          occasional other links to products that I consider may be helpful in certain situations or for certain needs

-          the best videos chosen from hundreds of thousands out there, all made by experienced or expert people on their particular subject

-          and a summary

It will be almost impossible for you to find so much combined expertise brought together in one place at one time to benefit YOU!

All of it, key information you will need to survive and flourish through a lifetime of being “a sexual man”.

NB I am not a doctor, so I must formally declare that I will not personally be giving you medical advice. I am a professional editor on health matters and will be bringing other peoples’ opinions to your notice and commenting on them as a lay man. I should add that it is always wise to check out a proposed course of action with a qualified professional practitioner. Click here for formal disclaimer.



All the time advances are being made in psychological research. And as we find out more about the extremely intricate interactions that occur between individual human beings, it becomes more and more obvious that we can do a lot to help ourselves when it comes to attracting a potential partner.

Whether it’s a simple case of encouraging someone to like you – or at the other extreme:

How Would You Like to Make Her Sexually Addicted to You”

…there is a huge amount we can do to influence the outcome.

This very powerful Report – the condensed version is FREE to those who sign up to our course on Male Health – summarises the up-to-date state of knowledge in this area of psychology.

DON’T MISS OUT on the startling discoveries that have been made or confirmed in recent years.



So don’t delay any longer – sign up for the FREE weekly course – “The Sexual Man” – right away – and receive your FREE report NOW.

And by the way, put my email address into your address book whitelist, so my course doesn't get accidentally binned as spam.

Privacy Policy

Hope to see you during the weeks ahead. Keep healthy – back soon.

Max Mann, your Editor

- firming up the message and getting it over.

Privacy policy:

We are committed to preserving your pivacy to the full extent of our abilities. We hate spam and will not in any way pass your email address on to anyone else at all, ever. Your email address will be used solely for sending you every week the next part of our course on Male Health, and subsequently occasional further emails on an irregular basis. You may opt out of our list at any time.

Formal Disclaimer:

All material provided within this course is for informational and educational purposes only, and in no way is it to be construed as medical advice or instruction. No action should be taken solely on the contents of this publication.

Consult your physician or a qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health and wellbeing or on any opinions expressed within this site. The information provided here is believed to be accurate based on the best judgment of the editor or is simply the opinions of others - but the reader is responsible for consulting with their own health professional on any matters relating to themselves. In addition, you should understand that medical information changes rapidly. Therefore, some information in this course may be out of date or even possibly inaccurate and erroneous by the time you read it.

Seek the advice of your physician before taking supplements of any kind.

We do not assume any liability for the information contained herein, be it for direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or other damages.

The statements made within this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (US) or the equivalent bodies in other countries. Statements and products mentioned within this course are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Copyright: all materials published within our course on Male Health are the copyright of the acknowledged authors where identified, or failing such identification, of Keep Your Health Information, a publishing arm of Perceptive Creation.

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