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An Introduction to Keep Your Health Information

“Prevention is better than a cure. Discover retroactive prevention!”

Keep Your Health Information, an internet publishing subsidiary of Perceptive Creation, is focussed on helping men maintain health.

It’s just not sensible to wait for the system to break down and then look for a cure – it may not be available! It may be too late!!

If you fail to keep your health, there comes a point where you might as well be dead!

Summary of sections on this page:

Why Prevention? What is Retroactive Prevention?

“The Sexual Man” male health overview

Prevention is better than a Cure. Servicing your car is better than waiting for the breakdown truck and maybe even the scrapyard.

The Editor of our course on Men's Health (see below) spent a few years of his life as a Health Education Officer (UK). His team educated a huge range of front-line professionals who were themselves in direct contact with the public. Beyond this team there were doctors – and still are! They are there to try and sort you out when something has gone wrong. Health Educators are there to help you prevent something from going wrong in the first place. Prevention, rather than cure.

Let me introduce you now to what we call Retroactive Prevention. We think we’ve invented the term. It’s certainly something we’re big fans of.

The use of the word “cure” is heavily circumscribed by vested interests in the big drug companies, but in spite of that there’s no getting away from the fact that if you get the basics of your health right, a lot of problems you have allowed to develop from poor lifestyle choices will simply fade away. Not “cure” – but “retroactive prevention”.

In all of us something is already going wrong, may already have gone wrong. We are all dying, just hopefully quite slowly. Sorry to be morbid, but it’s true.

Now many of the things that are going wrong are preventable. They may very well be caused by bad life-style choices.

They used to be caused by environmental factors beyond our control – but most of those, in the Western world at least, have been cleaned up and removed.

Those of you who are living in Second and Third World countries may not be so lucky – but you still have lifestyle choices to make that will affect your health – so all this still applies to you too.

Now these negative lifestyle factors are within our control – if we start actively preventing them, then the problems they cause may well clear up and go away. This may sound to some like a cure, but in our book it’s prevention – and that’s what we’re here to talk about, find out about, and hopefully put into practice.

This site is here to help you keep your health.

It is now focussed on:

“The Sexual Man” – a 45+ week FREE comprehensive e-course on Male Health, with additional free report on up-to-date psychological research on human interaction as applied to attraction between individuals.

On any page, you may find a hot-link to some further information or a product or a useful video.It all depends on the relevance to the matter in hand.

“The Sexual Man”

This major weekly course is for men – and for the women who care for them.

Why? Well, for one, the statistics for poor prostate health are utterly scary – and our Editor, Max, has no wish to be a statistic. Causes of the myriad problems facing us men and the various means of potential prevention are very numerous – but are any of them true? Do they work? Does anyone have the faintest idea what they’re talking about out there?

If you want to come along on his voyage of discovery – then sign up for what will start as a series of weekly e-letters, which will build up in to a comprehensive reference library on the subject. It's all absolutely free.

You are invited to feed back your knowledge and experience.

Find out more about this ABSOLUTELY crucial aid to survival for men!

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One way or the other - Keep Your Health!

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